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Helen Mitas
How I made $165k in my first year of Business without traditional advertising

24 Technique Focused Seminars, with 24 speakers! 12 Hours on Saturday and 12 Hours on Sunday. Interactive chat, and complete course notes for each presentation. Can’t view them all in one marathon weekend? Don’t worry! You have ongoing 24/7 access to all of the course presentations!
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Title: How I made $165k in my first year of Business without traditional advertising

Key concept:

This training offers you a 5 step system to attract as many clients as you want 
Participants will learn how to have a successful Hypnotherapy Business by: 
1. Learning what it takes to have a success mindset
2. The 2 best formulas to use when sending your message to the world
3. 20 Different ways to get clients that cost next to nothing
4. Why its critical to your business success that you provide a Solution to a Client and not just a band aid 
5. How to Get Social Proof that you are the credible professional you say you are
And lots of golden gems on running a successful business from someone who earns in 1 month what the average Hypnotherapist earns in one year

Biography: Helen is a global leader in raising the profile of the Hypnotherapy Industry globally and specialises in taking start-ups to a 6-figure turnover within 12 months. Helen is the founder of Hypnofit, which is a thriving Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne, Australia

Helen has developed a “state of the art”, online, 15 Steps to Hypnosis Business Success training program to support Hypnotherapists around the world to achieve their dreams. Helen is a certified Professional Speaker with the Professional Speakers Association (Australia), an experienced International Speaker and published author of the book ‘Mindset Dominance’. Helen was the Key Note Speaker at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St Louis, USA in 2017 & at the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation Conference in 2016. Helen also received fabulous feedback following her presentations at HypnoThoughts Live 2017 and at the NGH in Boston. Helen also continues to speak on behalf of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association speaking at their SA, NSW, WA, VIC & QLD conferences.

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