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Victoria Gallagher
Increase Success working with the Law of Attraction

24 Technique Focused Seminars, with 24 speakers! 12 Hours on Saturday and 12 Hours on Sunday. Interactive chat, and complete course notes for each presentation. Can’t view them all in one marathon weekend? Don’t worry! You have ongoing 24/7 access to all of the course presentations!
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Title: Increase Success working with the Law of Attraction

Keyconcept: You’re already using Law of Attraction knowingly or unknowingly. If you are not happy with how things are going in your life; be it your relationships, your wealth or even in your business as a hypnotist, this workshop will help you become better at attracting more of what you want.

Participants will come away with a new understanding of how Law of Attraction works. How you can use it in your own life to change a situation and manifest new relationships and abundance.
How to Apply it to yourself to begin manifesting health, abundance, better relationships, and even new customers.

Now that you have attracted abundance, you can incorporate the techniques into your own hypnosis practice, improve the rate of the results and success you are getting with your clients and teach others how to manifest a better life for themselves.

Application: – Learn what is Law of Attraction.
– How it works.
– How to Create and State Your Intention.
– What to Say / What Not to Say
– the Basics of Manifesting Your Desires
– Vibration – What is it? How to Raise it
– How to Incorporate into Hypnosis Sessions
– Learn new valuable skills you can teach your clients.

Biography: Victoria Gallagher, is a Certified Master Hypnotist, NLP Trainer, and Law of Attraction Expert, specializing in career and business success. As founder of,, and Access Your Success Seminars, Victoria creates effective self-help and meditative recordings, delivered through online courses, audio programs, and live seminars. She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, that is aligned with their dreams.

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