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Duff McDuffee
Transform Anxiety in Endless Ways Using Submodalities

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Title: Transform Anxiety in Endless Ways Using Submodalities

Key concept: Learn the principles behind how to transform anxiety using sub-modalities. Modalities are our senses — visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. Sub-modalities are aspects of those senses like brightness, color vs. black and white, location, distance, and so on. Making changes to submodalities is like reprogramming your unconscious mind with incredible precision. In this class you’ll learn endless ways to creatively transform anxiety in yourself or in your clients by making changes to submodalities. Detailed handouts include step-by-step applications of these principles that have been tested with many anxious clients.

Application: Learn the key question that elicits someone’s visual and auditory thoughts which cause their anxious feelings.

Learn a super simple recipe to turn kinesthetic feelings into visual representations so you can easily make submodality shifts.

Discover several time-tested submodality shifts that really work for transforming anxiety.

Know exactly what to do when a client can’t make the submodality shift.

Never run out of ideas when working with a challenging client that doesn’t respond to the “normal” techniques!

Biography: Andrew “Duff” McDuffee has worked as a coach and trainer since 2003, using NLP and hypnosis to create change at the unconscious level. He’s taught NLP practitioner trainings, Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis, Core Transformation, and more. He’s presented at top hypnosis conferences such as Hypnothoughts Live and ACHE. Duff specializes in helping people transform anxiety and stress into calm and confidence.

Duff’s private practice website can be found at

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