Melissa Roth Fibromyalgia: An Insiders Solution using Hypnosis 2018-01-09T12:26:50+00:00


Melissa Roth
Fibromyalgia: An Insiders Hypnotic Solution

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Melissa Roth
Fibromyalgia: An Insiders Hypnotic Solution

This presentation share both a personal experience and a hypnotic solution. Melissa Roth is the thought leader in using hypnosis to beat fibroyalgia and this insiders experience can help you, your clients and provide definitive answers that have often eluded medical professionals.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that affects between 6%-10% of the worldwide population.  Conventional medicine has little to offer either in the way of symptom management or hope for those suffering from unrelenting pain, fatigue, sleep issues and memory dysfunction. No wonder so many fibromyalgia clients are depressed. But, this hypnotherapy protocol relieves 100% of the symptoms in over 80% of clients and the symptoms do not return when the sessions end.


After healing her own disabling Fibromyalgia and IBS symptoms using self hypnosis Melissa Roth founded a full time hypnotherapy practice. She  specializies in reversing the symptoms of not only Fibromyalgia and IBS  but for a wide variety of chronic illness that have not responded to conventional medicine. Her therapy protocol for fibromyalgia is the most widely used in the world and produces a higher success rate than other protocols.

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