How to Create a Multi-Sensorial Immersive Hypnosis Sessions 2017-11-17T20:01:40+00:00


Dr. Richard Nongard
How to Create a Multi-Sensorial Immersive Hypnosis Sessions

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Title: How to Create a Multi-Sensorial Immersive Hypnosis Sessions

Key concept: Most sessions involve a client sitting while a hypnotist talks to them. Sure they might be asked to create a mental image – but what happens when we use multi-media in our sessions and include video, healing audio, scent, and even vibration?

This course will”

Teach you to create an immersive experience, unlike any hypnosis session your clients have ever experienced.

Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist in private practice. He has degrees in both counseling and ministry; and a doctorate in transformational leadership (cultural transformation)from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle.  Dr. Richard Nongard is an innovative leader in the field of psychotherapy, contextual psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, and over the last 25 years he has trained thousands of professionals including medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, family therapists and professional counselors in ways to do a better job serving their clients.

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